Foreword of Prof Ahsan Iqbal – Minister/Deputy Chairman about annual plan 2017-2018.
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Executive Summary

Executive Summary   

Macroeconomic framework   

Public Sector Development Programme   

Pillar-I Putting people first – Developing human and social capital


Basic and college education   


Labour, employment and skill development   

Poverty alleviation and Millennium Development Goals   

Social welfare   

Gender and women empowerment   

Youth and sports   

Religious pluralism and interfaith harmony   

Mass media, culture and national heritage   

Pillar-II Achieving sustained, indigenous and inclusive growth

Fiscal, monetary and capital market development   

Trade and commerce – Balance of payments   

Balanced development – Focus on the less developed regions   

Physical planning and housing   

Pillar-III Governance, institutional reform and modernisation of the public sector

Institutional reforms and governance  

Pillar-IV Energy, water and food security 



Food security and agricultural development  


Environment and climate change  

Pillar-V Private sector and entrepreneurship-led growth 

Manufacturing and mineral sectors  

Pillar-VI Developing and competitive knowledge economy through value-addition 

Higher education  

Science and technology  

Information and communication technologies  

Pillar-VII Modernising transportation infrastructure and greater regional connectivity 

Transport and logistics  


Annual Plan 2015-2016