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Dated : 6 April 2016

Pakistan and China reaffirms their commitment to CPEC in a meeting between Minister Planning & Development and Mr. Zhang Chuxian, member of CPEC

Event Venue : Block P, Ministry of Planning Development and Reforms

Dated : 6 April 2016

Pakistan and China today reaffirmed their commitment speedily implementing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, which will realize the visions of leadership of both China and Pakistan to take the decades-old geo political relations to geo economic orbit. Federal Minister Planning, Development & Reform Ahsan Iqbal and Mr. Zhang Chuxian, Secretary of Communist Party of Xinjiang province and member of Politburo of Communist Party of China heading the delegations of their respective countries were in unison that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a win-win project for both China and Pakistan. It has unique feature serving both Pakistan and China . CPEC will contribute to overcome energy crisis, build modern infrastructure, promote rapid industrialization and create enormous job opportunities in Pakistan. Both sides held extensive deliberations to explore more avenues of cooperation between China and Pakistan especially between the latter and Xingiang province of China, bordering Pakistan. Minister Planning & Development pointed out that cooperation between Pakistan and Xingiang can add a new chapter in CPEC because of their geographic proximity. Ahsan Iqbal proposed a five-year plan for promoting cooperation and partnership between Xingiang and Pakistan in various fields. “The economic integration and regional connectivity between Pakistan and Xingiang province is critical for making CPEC a success.”, he emphasized. Ahsan Iqbal said that CPEC would not only reduce the distance for West China to trade with the outer world but would also drastically cut down the cost of their products because of faster and cheaper transportation of their goods. Minister Planning & Development said that CPEC would ultimately help in creating a regional economic block of three billion people through improved regional integration and connectivity and Pakistan could play a critical role being located in the center of three engines of growth – South Asia, Central Asia and China. Minister Planning & Development highlighted the importance of Karokarum Highway in CPEC and informed Mr. Zhang about status of work on it. He said that Khunjrab to Raikot Section of Karokarum Highway has been upgraded and emphasized the need to upgrade remaining portion as early as possible to make it all-weather highway. Minister also suggested cooperation between the two sides in areas of joint tv production, film and art to promote people to people contact. Minister said that Pakistan is interested to learn from experiences of China in economic zones area to set up the same in Pakistan for rapid industrialization. He also appreciated the role of Mr. Zhang for laying the foundation of Gwadar port when he was Transport Minister of China. On this occasion, Mr. Zhang appreciated the economic turnaround Pakistan has made in last two and half years under leadership of PM Sharif and noted that Pakistan is now well-positioned for economic take off. He also appreciated the dynamism of Federal Minister Planning & Development for his dedication and commitment with CPEC and said under the able leadership of Ahsan Iqbal, Ministry of Planning & Development is well responding to “calls of changes” in the fast changing times. He acknowledged the Minister by calling his role in CPEC as scholarly professional. He also supported the proposal of Federal Minister Planning for five years plan for economic partnership between Pakistan and Xingiang and announced that working group comprising both Chinese and Pakistani officials would work on it. He said that CPEC is a flagship project, which would benefit both countries enormously. Chinese leader also assured to take up the proposals of Pakistani side for fast track execution and completion of CPEC projects. Federal Minister Planning & Development accepted the invitation of Chinese side to visit Kashgar region.