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Dated : 21 March 2017

Ground-breaking ceremony of two 660-megawatts coal-fired power plants

Event Venue : P,Block,Ministry of Planning Commission

Dated : 21 March 2017

ground-breaking ceremony of two 660-megawatts coal-fired power plants of the China Power Hub Generation Company Limited near here on Tuesday, he said the Peoples Republic of China has proved that Pakistan is a safe destination for investment. The minister pointed out that two coal-fired power plants of 660 megawatts each would be completed with two billion dollars in next two years. These projects would be equipped with the latest technology to generate electricity at low cost, he added. He further said local people would also benefit from these plants with the generation of employment opportunities. Ahsan Iqbal stressed that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is not against anyone and that all can benefit from this mega project. He said that the country has embarked upon the journey of progress and development due to the effective policies of the the present government. Ahsan Iqbal said that Pakistan of today is different from that of 2013, when the present government came to power. At that time the biggest challenge was to overcome energy crisis and for that purpose 35 billion dollars were allocated. The minister emphasised that development is not possible without overcoming energy problem as the industry needs sufficient energy. He maintained that the CPEC would prove to be an important milestone not only for Pakistan but also for the entire region. Ahsan Iqbal said that in the year 2013 when Pakistan was facing various challenges, the Chinese government fully assisted Pakistan and its people to help overcome these challenges."We are really grateful for such a friendly gesture by the Chinese," he remarked. The minister said that the economy of Pakistan is fast progressing and that this is also being acknowledged by the international community. He said that the problem of terrorism has been overcome to a great extent and that the energy crisis would be resolved soon. Ahsan Iqbal said that the CPEC has given a new dimension to journey of progress of Pakistan and that the South Asia and the South Asian countries should benefit from this mega project. He said that Balochistan was ignored in the past, however, now attention is being paid for the progress of the province through the CPEC. The day is not far when basic facilities like metallic roads, education and health facilities would be available to the people of the rural areas in that province, he added. The minister said that Gwadar International Airport, 9th Expressway and project of clean drinking water would be inaugurated this year. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Khalid mansoor, and Chief Secretary Balochistan, Shaoib Mir, said that today is a happy day for the people of the province.It was pointed out that some 10,000 employment opportunities would be created for the local people. The government of Balochistan would extend its full cooperation for the execution of the power plants.